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Protecting Your Home and Family in a Wildfire

About Survivable Space

With all of Montana City located within the Wildland Urban Interface or WUI (the area where structures and other human development meets or intermingles with undeveloped wildland or vegetative fuels, including grassland) it is important homeowners be prepared prior to a wildland fire.

Homeowners who take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of home ignition due to a wildland fire have a better chance of their home surviving the fire than those who do nothing to prepare their property.

The purpose of this information is to provide fire mitigation information so homeowners are able to create a 'survivable space' for their homes. Firewise techniques homeowners utilize include: using fire-resistant plants in their landscaping, thinning trees and brush, building with ignition-resistant materials, and choosing building sites away from slopes. It is the homeowner's responsibility to create 'survivable space.' For more information on 'survivable space' go to FireSafe Montana's Living with Fire or visit

Homeowners do not need to cut down all their trees to be "fire safe." Clearing out dead vegetation (including trees and brush killed by beetles and disease) in addition to thinning healthy trees and brush can actual result in an improved aesthetic appearance of the property. Opening up the tree canopy allows for grass and wildflowers to flourish in the sunlight and strengthens the health of remaining trees than in a crowded stand where many trees compete for same amount of soil nutrients and water.

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