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ISO Information

ISO is an organization that rates the capability of fire departments to deal with structure fires. Some insurance companies use the ISO rating to help set property insurance rates.

As of May 1, 2021 Montana City has improved from a Class 5 to a Class 4. A few notes about the ratings

  • The Class 4 rating only apply to properties in the Montana City Rural Fire District and within 5 road miles of a Montana City Fire Station.
  • Some large commercial facilities are rated individually
  • Many, but not all insurance companies use ISO ratings to help set premium rates.

If you need documentation of our ISO rating download the letter below:

View/Download ISO Letter (PDF)

This improvement in capability and public safety comes directly from the hard work of your local volunteer firefighters and the property tax funding support from the property owners of the Montana City Rural Fire District. Thank you!

Not sure if your property is in the Montana City Rural Fire District? Check your property tax statement and it should have a line for "Montana City Fire". Just because you see our trucks in your area does not necessarily mean you are in the district. We often help out neighboring districts and adjacent areas. Call or email us if you have questions or are an adjacent property owner not currently in a fire district and would like information about joining the fire district.

Montana City Fire District Annexation Information

Fire Department ISO Class Ratings in Montana